Reviews of the couple photo shoot in the Seoul Forest of Autumn.


Autumn in Korea is full of beautiful colors. So, you can take a romantic wedding picture or a couple of pictures of yourself. For that fall, many of the brides and grooms visit Korea.

The reeds that can only be seen in the Seoul Forest in the fall are popular.^^

Korea Outdoor Pre Wedding  is recommended for Lim’s wedding story.


한국의 가을은 언제나 아름답고 컬러풀한것 같습니다!! 특히 단풍의 매력은 언제나 커플들을 설레이게 하는 마술적인 요소가 있는것 같아요..^^ 서울숲에서 진행하는 아름다운 커플사진.. 임군의 웨딩스토리와 함께 하세요!!



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