Korea wedding outdoor photoshoot – ASAIOO review


korea wedding outdoor photoshoot – ASAIOO review

Korea has four seasons. It is spring, summer, fall, and winter. Wedding photos can be made in different atmosphere depending on the season. The most frequently visited wedding pictures in Korea are spring and fall. ASAIOO is a Korean outdoor film company.Mostly in Seoul and Jeju Island, they take outdoor wedding pictures and are famous for their high satisfaction levels.

The couple that took an outdoor wedding picture with ASAIOO is a Leisurely park in Seoul.The season was autumn and it was a little cold. But their enthusiasm was hot. Naturally, photoshoot for the Korean outdoor wedding began!!

The couple traveled from Hong Kong to Korea and brought their own wedding dresses. We had a great time together and the couple were satisfied with ASAIOO photos.

Contact Lim’s wedding story for a fun Korean wedding shoot. I will always talk to you and give you pleasant memories.



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