korea wedding ceremony photoshoot Gangnam Samsung Seocho building



The wedding ceremony scene is always tense and happy. This time, the couple held a wedding ceremony at Samsung Seocho building located in Gangnam Station. We spent a couple of minutes in celebration of the happiness of the couple. We value the moment and share it together. Thank you very much and hope you are always happy.


본식촬영은 언제나 긴장되고 행복합니다..^^ 이번에 함께하신 커플은 강남역에 위치한 삼성 서초사옥에서 예식을 진행하셨어요!! 웨딩메이크업부터 폐백행사까지 함께 스냅촬영을 진행하며 즐거운 시간을 보내고 왔습니다. 두분 너무 수고 많으셨으며 항상 행복하시길 바랍니다..^^



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