korea prewedding Moonlight Studios Studios Introducing New Sample LU VCHIP


Hi. Im Ms. Lim’s wedding story.
This is korea prewedding studio that I’d like to introduce you to.
Emotional Moonlight Studios !!

You can feel the excitement at the Moonlight Studios wedding studio.
A unique and emotional atmosphere
These days, we’re looking at the bride’s eyes
New Sample LU VCHIP !!

The bride and groom
A Moonlight Studio in a neuronal atmosphere.
The feeling of the studio’s emotions melted away.

I send you a special wedding picture.^^Share your best memories with Im’s wedding story.


감성적이고 로맨틱한 달빛스쿠터스튜디오는 많은 신부님들이 원하는곳입니다.

달빛스쿠터만의 감성적인 색감은 낭만적인 분위기를 원하시는 커플들에게 인기가 좋은곳이예요^^

이번에 새롭게 출시된 달빛스쿠터 웨딩화보 뉴샘플 “러브칩” , 함께 보실까요??





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