JEJU Island wedding photoshoot review with ASAIOO (Yun&Wei couple)


JEJU Island wedding photoshoot review with ASAIOO

We have a happy korea wedding photo together. Today, I will introduce outdoor wedding photography (ASAIOO) with jeju island.

We first met Yun&Wei couple and started wedding makeup. And after the wedding dress choice, we started outdoor wedding photoshoot at 10 am.

Jeju island wedding photography can be visited from 3 to 4 places a day because of the long moving time. We first had a nice wedding taking time after choosing Yun&Wei couple and place.

To Yun&Wei couple, We hope to have a happy memory for you. Always be happy.^^

If you are wondering about wedding photoshoot (ASAIOO) in Jeju island, please feel free to contact us.


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