Happy korea wedding day with ASAIOO


HAPPY korea wedding day with ASAIOO

korea wedding photoshoot Professional group ASAIOO!! Their happy wedding day log…

The Amy couple consulted for the wedding with Lim’s wedding story!! I checked out the wedding make-up, wedding dress, wedding bouquet, and photo shoot for AMY couple wedding day. And on the day of the wedding, I met the beautiful Amy couple. The church had a brief wedding. It was impressive to see the couple pledging happiness.

Thank you for being with Lim’s wedding story. We will always communicate until you are satisfied.

Wedding makeup (Gengrea) , Wedding dress  (JACE JANE BRIDE) , Wedding photo shoot (ASAIOO) , Wedding bouquet (Blossom Time)

Consult an expert to prepare for the wedding photo shoot in Korea.

korea wedding day
korea wedding day


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