korea seoul travel course – Namsan hanok village


korea seoul travel course – Namsan hanok village

I always think about happy korean wedding photographs together and prepare.

The korean sightseeing course to introduce you to today is the famous Namsan hanok village. If you want to see korean traditional house, please visit here.

Namsan Hanok village is a place where you can meet korean traditional houses that can understand the structure, and you can also have fun at various performances. you can also see Namsan Tower.

If you wearing hanbok, a korean traditional costume, it will be a more pleasant memory.

Namsan Hanok village is recommended for couples who want wedding photographs in korea.

Please use the exit number 3 of chungmuro station, seoul Metro. (Seoul is a more convenient subway than a taxi to travel.)

I am always sharing fun korean travel information with you.


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